Whilst staying at Childers Oasis Motel, we have implemented additional safety policies that you will be required to follow:

  • Guests are required to follow social distancing rules, set out by the Australian Government while staying at the motel.
  • Limit movement throughout the hotel. Some facilities including the pool, café, and outdoor seating areas have been closed to all guests.
  • All rooms are serviced daily however housekeeping are not permitted to enter room while guest is in-house. If you require any additional amenities or bed linens, we have implemented a procedure where we will place requested items outside your room door to help us fulfill your needs. Guest can request these by calling the office on 4126 2244.
  • For food, we are 120 metres from 2 pubs that are providing take away meals. We are also 130 metres from the local IGA and about a kilometer from Woolworth for any other food requirement you may have. Food may be consumed in the room. Cutlery and crockery are available from the communal guest kitchen.
  • If using the guest kitchen – maximum of 2 person are allowed inside – given they keep minimum distance from each other unless blood relatives and are staying in the same room.

How can we help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Practising good hygiene is the best defense against most viruses. You should:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  •  Cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand-sanitiser
  • Keep a minimum distance from each other when possible.

Our cleaning practises at Childers Oasis Motel

On top of our daily cleaning schedule, the following has been added:

  • All frequently touched surfaces including, tabletops, handrails, door handle, light switches, are cleaned and sanitized as suggested by the Covid-19 Australian Government website.
  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after guest has vacated the motel, Including all bedding, seats, in-room appliances, and all surface in the rooms.
  • Some furniture and feature might have been moved or put away to maximize the free space and lessen the things that are often touched by guests.
  • We offer contactless check-in for regular and corporate guests if requested and ETA provided beforehand.

We thank all guest for following these guidelines and helping us combat this virus.